Straight from the latest innovations in bra technology come spacer bras. The idea behind them is simpler than the name suggests; made from a light-weight, “dual-layer” foam, spacer bras allow for incredible comfort and unbeatable coolness. It’s the air pockets within the foam and breathable fabric that enables the spacer bra to be a fresh and light alternative to the traditional t-shirt bra.
Not only does the spacer bra give a smooth finish, like that of a t-shirt bra, the light weight material actually conforms to the shape of the breast ensuring maximum comfort and support. Available in both modern and classic styles and in a variety of colours, there’s a design for every occasion.

As with every product we stock, each item is handpicked to ensure only the best quality is available to our customers. At Jolie you can find you favourite brands including Mary Jo, Rosa Faia and pioneers in spacer bra technology, Prima Donna.